About Norfolk Connected

This site is a social, collaborative platform for Norfolk that brings information and communications, of both a public or private nature, to our community. You can sign-up, join groups, subscribe to information, and connect with others.

Your might be asking:

Do we really need another collaborative site?

The answer is yes, and more so now than ever before. Why? Because while the mega-social communities like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn do many things well, their all-purpose nature, immense size, and increasing complexity make them difficult and risky to use for many situations. What they increasingly lack is what we bring:

  1. We’re all Norfolk: Everything connects to and relates to our community including the content, partners and programs
  2. Ease of use: From a features and capabilities point of view we’re as complete as the mega sites. But, because we’re laser focused on only our community, we’re easier to use
  3. Safety: User data and behavior on the mega sites is increasingly compromised -- what you do there shows up in the darnedest places. We don’t do that.